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  1. Do you reckon Evernote could host a 8.13 apk so I at least can have some faith that is hasn't been tampered with by a third party? 10 just completely doesn't work for me. And without a number of months dev effort I don't see how it could compare in speed or functionality.
  2. Lots of 1 star ratings because of how terrible the new android app is. And yeah, clipping content on my phone is a major part of it, and doesn't work consistently anymore. I keep intuitively trying to use evernote the way it used to be.... but then I remind myself, that it either doesn't exist now, or is broken. Evernote completely fails to fulfill any of my use-cases anymore. After a decade of paying of evernote I'm going to be looking for alternatives. There have been many bad evernote updates over the years, but none as bad as this one.
  3. My concerns: I fear a lowest common denominator effect across editors. I use osx, android, windows, and web. They all do different things well, but the web is the worst to work with (I only use it in linux because no linux client). Even the new preview which I was added to. So it concerns me that the web version is being used as the basis for a common editor. I know slack and atom and offline web apps built with Electron are hip, but if that's the direction of evernote on the desktop... urgh. Slack has to do far less and is a slow memory-hog. Tags are important to me, and so is seeing the url from where the note content came from. This url, last I checked, was hidden in note details and wasn't even clickable :-( Since the webclipper doesn't always work, I often want to be able to view the original content/context of where the note came from. It also can remind me why I clipped it, or if there was further context I wanted to add. i never use the share button or care who can see the note, because I'm predominantly using evernote as my private digital memory.
  4. I tried to catch up on a bunch of open tabs that I stopped clipping from because of how shoddy and broken the new Clipper is. After using 7.2, I am now in an infinite loop where the same pdf gets re-added again and again. I have quit chrome, I have restarted evernote, I delete the duplicates, but I keep getting the pdf re-added. Seems like evernote server is in a loop or something ridiculous. ...10 minutes later and it seems to have settled down. Only had to delete about 12 duplicates. If it helps debugging, I was trying to clip from multiple tabs at once. Now what was I doing... oh yeah, trying to be productive but instead I went into another rabbit hole of working around evernote bugs.
  5. Thanks - I've seen others mention the 6.5 series too. Might try going back to that!
  6. Hi all, I've completely lost faith in evernote's release process. The current version as of this message I can make reliably freeze just by pasting an image and then changing notes. I've gone back to using 6.9.7 6770 - it seems tolerable, but cutting images just deletes them and doesn't place anything in the clipboard. Yay data loss! Still, notes will still load quickly and it doesn't freeze or crash like later versions. This (along with the recent Chrome clipper nightmare) means I'm basically over it. I don't care about rewrites, UX "improvements" (which inevitably make things harder to use), or the supposed bug fixes. In your experience what was the last version you could rely on? The one you could use without contacting support, dealing with crashes or weird behaviour, and you had no reason to hang around on evernote forums because it just f**king worked. I've been using evernote as a paid user for 7-8 years. I have also encouraged friends and family to use it. Now I use it grudgingly because all my information is in it and I haven't seen anything comparable to switch to, but I'm tired of spending sunny weekends inside dealing with broken software. So much for making my life better and making me more productive...
  7. So - beyond removing a bunch of features that people rely on, the notes I clip with the new WebClipper show up as empty in my desktop client. It shows a preview in the snippets list, but the note itself is just blank. I'd really like to spend less time angsting about how ***** evernote is becoming and more time with tools that help me be productive.
  8. Remove the semicolon in your command line if you want geeknote to be able to see that environment variable.
  9. Evernote seems to be trying to systematically destroy everything that made it usable in the first place. Hey Evernote, please stop making everything worse. Please invest in increment improvements over complete rewrites and fire the developers that insist a rewrite is needed. So that we can go back to when Evernote was a joy to use. That was probably 2-3 years ago.
  10. Bug party! (306921) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4387) Installer got stuck on file permissions and then I had no evernote. I ran the 6.10 installer again and it completed. Now I'm stuck with really slow note display and flickering. The first several times I opened evernote, it would 50% of the time quit, and 50% of the time show the note (slowly). It hasn't randomly quit for a while now, but it's still unusable due to the slow note loading. I also read in this thread that it might start deleting my images when I right-click to rotate? Now I'm afraid to use it at all because I don't want to lose my content. How was this approved for general release? I'm going to avoid using evernote on windows until this is fixed. Please don't use your long-time paying users in place of quality control. At the very least you could stop notifying people of your update and halt the deployment, it's clear this has been a major issue for over a week but the update is still being advertised to evernote clients. Where can I download a functional version?
  11. 6.10.1 broken for me too. Suddenly evernote has lost a large part of its utility to me! Thanks Aurora for the work around, that's at least something to make sure we can still clip important things even if it's awkward.
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