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  1. Hi, thanks for your answers! @BurgersNFries: thanks for the info. I will then save all scanned documents onto a specific local directory; @engberg: I want to buy one all-in-one printer that does this automagically. That is, every scanned documents is OCRed and saved as pdf on a local drive. This is really important. After that, I could eventually import them manually in evernote if needed. Any printer doing this? Or should I buy a dedicated scanner? Best regards.
  2. Hi, we are investigating using evernote for handling all our papers (bills, etc). For that, we need a good all-in-one printer with an included scanner. What we want to achieve at then is quite simple: put all our papers on the printer, press a key, all the documents are scanned, processed with OCR and saved as PDF on a network directory. Then all these documents are automatically imported in evernote. Which all-in-one printer (if it exists) do you recommend? We want to avoid any manual intervention if possible (except pressing a button;) ) Best regards.
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