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  1. Very good points. It reminds me, though, that a system needs to take into account the clients being used. In my case, I use several clients, so I shoot for the lowest common denominator. On some clients, you cannot modify the created and updated dates (iOS, for example), so putting the date in the title can be a huge benefit. If you are only using Windows, then you are using the most feature-rich client available (overall, Windows has the most options for customizing your workflow), and changing the updated/created dates is quite easy. I'm using pretty much all platforms - windows at work, my iphone/ipad and mac at home. It was only really for my backdated diary entries that I wanted to put the dates in the title so that if I sorted them by title they would show in order. Previously I had a stack of notebooks for diary: one for each year but some years only had a couple of posts and it just looked far to bulky and got on my nerves. I like this system much better. My diary entries all have DiaryYYYYMMDD (I had it with dashes but realised that that made it harder for search to locate particular entries. All diary entries have a "diary" tag too (not sure if this is necessary). I'll get there.
  2. Very useful thanks. I will check out that book too. I do think I have been overcomplicating things. Am definitely now going to go for the "less is more" attitude to tagging and notebooks from now on.
  3. Aha. I have it working now. Great. Will have a play tomorrow! Thanks a lot for your help!
  4. Nope. I will try again. Maybe it takes time for it to be fully set up.
  5. Very odd. I can get Evernote to send item to Zendone if I send an email to me evernote email address, but not if I create it in evernote itself.
  6. I would heartily recommend against deleting all your tags! You would lose a lot of captured information that would be irretrievable. The time cost of going back and re-tagging all of your notes would be prohibitive and not worth the time. Tags are simple and quick to do at the time of note creation but laborious and time consuming to do on a large database of notes. If you are going to start a new tagging system, just start doing it and over time the information and organization will become more valuable. As for GTD with Evernote, I have been using Zendone.com for over a year now and it's the best I've used. It integrates well with Evernote and also with Google calendar which really is what makes this app shine. They also have a great iPhone app that also works on the iPad so it's more mobile than it was in the past. They are in private beta still but it's fully functional and you can e-mail the developers or post on their Getsatisfaction site or blog and they will give you an invite quickly. Brilliant. Thanks for that. Have signed up for Zendone. I used Omnifocus for a while but its just no good not being able to access my lists from my work computer. I will try out Zendone. Any tips on using it?
  7. Hi. Not sure I'm ready to start from scratch but have had a read of the articles you posted. All good stuff. thanks a lot.
  8. Hello. I need a little help. I have been using evernote for a couple of years. I use it for everything. I have recently felt that I have too many Notebooks and too many tags. I have taken the step to combine MOST of my notebooks in one big notebook called "ARCHIVE". And created a brand new notebook which I have called ***INBOX (so it goes to the top) and made it my default so that new notes can go in there before being filed. I have still kept a notebook for the following: Family (shared with my husband) Recipe Book (I just prefer to keep this separate - although I don't cook so I wonder if a tag wouldn't suffice) Turkey house (shared notebook) Blog (where I do all my writing and research related to my blog) I'm quite happy with this solution. However, when it comes to tags, I'm completely at a loss. My temptation is to completely delete them all and start again. But I have 3423 notes altogether and I am worried that if I start from scratch with the tags that a) I'll have to re-tag everything or do something (like editing the title so that I know they can be accessed with the correct keywords), I may "lose" some notes that don't have titles like my kids artwork that I've photographed for memory's sake. I already got rid of a whole pile of notebooks which were for my diary entries - I renamed each entry to Diary-YY-MM-DD So they are easily findable (with a tag also of "diary" - although I wonder if that is necessary). Is this maybe the way to go to tidy things up a bit? Making sure that things have the correct titles? Part of my thinking of reorganising things is that I have been wondering about using Evernote for GTD/task management purposes. I've been reading up on what other people do but I've not found anyone with my issue (starting again basically and redesigning your evernote system). Any help would be most grateful. PS I use evernote on my work Windows laptop, my iMac/macbook at home and also iPhone and occassionally (when the kids let me) ipad.
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