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  1. I'm new to EN and also experienced the surreal feeling of "you've got to be kidding me" when I realized that the hierarchical tags don't act hierarchically. I will respect the fact that other people clearly experience the world different from myself, but I think you can make the cognative argument that our brains categorize things hierarchically all the time, and this is an extremely natural way to "explore data" like notes. Like the previous user, I want a way to (1) "find my notes" easily (i.e. display children when i click a parent tag, recursively search child tags, etc.) and (2) "easily tag my notes" at creation time. I get that some people have found clunky ways to solve (1) (i.e. "parent1 - parent 2 - child 1" tags) but at the expense of (2). I agree that it seems like there are some simple things that could ease the pain (recursive search option) that wouldn't "break" any of the existing behavior for those users that have gotten use to this non-hierarchical way to think about information management. So why not support both? Or don't even both allowing you to create a "tree" of tags...because that implies a hierarchy...and its not. And *certainly* don't claim that these are arbitrary decisions and that we "category" thinkers are wierd... You can probably support both (ceratinly categorical hierarchies subsume a single-level hierarchy). This just frustrated me greatly, and this was the first thread I found. If I'm missing a magic thread that has the magic solution please enlighten me.
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