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  1. First let me say thank you for providing a pen and paper input method. I have tried very hard to go all digital but I keep going back to pen and paper for some items. I just like the feel of writing and I also seem to connect better with my notes when I write them. I have tried all the digital pen solutions. Some are really close but I still like the feel of "my" pen. Once the size gets a bit thinner and the choices of ink (roller vs. ball , fine vs. medium point) improve, there may be a solution there for me. I ordered a Evernote Moleskine and was please to see it arrive quickly. It was well packaged and the paper bag with the stick on seal gave the sense of purchasing it at a nice stationary store. Couple of first impressions: The cover is a bit busy and my immediate impression was something my young daughter would choose (except in pink of course). I would prefer a plain cover or a simple Evernote logo on it only. A more conservative plain black cover would provide a more serious impression when pulling this out in a business meeting. You don't have to do away with the current cover, just give us a choice. Another option would be a slim, durable, and conservative cover for the current notebook. Finding the place to enter the code provided with the notebook was difficult. It took several minutes of wondering around the Evernote website. I finally saw the notebook in a picture. Once I clicked on that and then found the - learn more - link I was able to locate the code entry fields. Should be a more clear and direct route from the home page. I also had difficulty figuring out if the code "took". I am a yearly premium subscriber and still not sure if the extra three months have been added to my account. Something under my account information showing the code entered and how it was added to my account would be helpful. Other than these couple items, it looks good so far. Mark
  2. Sorry if I caused some confusion. I didn't mean to imply that paper is a good overall note taking solution. Penultimate is much better in many ways - almost all ways. I was just hoping to draw some attention to the "feel" of sketching, annotating, and freehand writing in paper. They have really nailed the connection between the stylus (or finger) and the electronic paper. Hoping the Penultimate team can improve the interface in this area. Thanks, Mark
  3. I think I have bought every note taking / writing application for the iPad. I intended to do a comparison of all and choose a favorite but I could never organize all the features. Apps continue to get updated, new ones come out, and less popular ones fade into the iTunes store rating sunset. It became more of a challenge to understand all the apps rather than just getting my notes down. I'm glad to see Evernote purchase Penultimate. I think it is one of the best I tried and for a long time was the one I defaulted to for everyday use. Penultimate has the great organization features and I want to use it. But I'm lured away by another.......... First, let me explain that I'm a computer / gadget nerd that's a closet pen and paper guy. I like the feel of pen on paper. I enjoy writing on real paper with a good quality pen. I want to feel this on an electronic device or at least have a good enough feel that I can break myself from dead trees and ink. A month or so ago, I downloaded 53's Paper. At first, I was a little miffed that the app was free but you had to purchase pens and inks. Kind of a weird model but I guess developers will try anything on the app store. In retrospect, it's a good model because once you "feel" the writing, you have to have more. 53's paper is far and above the best feeling "writing" app on the iPad. It's very smooth and the ink follows your finger or sylus exactly. No lag or hesitations. The width of the stroke is well tied to the pressure applied. It just works and works really well. I actually feel like I'm writing with this application. OK - so why am I writing about this in an Evernote forum. I'm asking the Evernote/Penultimate folks to take a look at 53's paper and try the writing experience. I'm hoping there is a closet pen and paper guy among the group that will appreciate the smoothness and want to improve Penultimates writing smoothness. Thanks for reading Mark
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