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  1. I am having the same issue on the Mac version. I use Evernote daily to take notes while I work. On Friday morning, November 6th, I noticed that the notes I was typing was disappearing as I drafted. I am missing more than a week's worth of notes and the activity log that I've downloaded for customer service/tech support shows no activity during the time period. I hope a fix can be found and soon.
  2. Did anyone get missing notes back? I have an open ticket for notes missing over the last week and I’d do anything to have access to these lost notes!
  3. I, too, have lost notes and I am outraged by the poor customer service. A 10-12 day response to a ticket? This is 2020. It looks to me like many of you are experiencing this issue and have not received any resolution. Has anyone found a work around? Any insight is appreciated.
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