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  1. Gazumped: Thanks for the suggestion, but the NSIS error message arose when I tried to use Google Chrome to download the setup files from Evernote.com. I have no idea why it worked with Edge, but not Chrome, but my screen shot shows the error I got with Chrome.
  2. Thanks for the offer to help, but I found a different solution. When I tried to download the setup file with Edge, it worked. Just to be sure, I tried again with Chrome and got the same error. So, my NSIS error seems to be another Microsoft/Google conflict (where the new Windows updates are ***** up the Google browser).
  3. Evernote for Outlook Add-In doesn't appear to exist for Outlook 2016 or older versions. In the Microsoft Store, they only offer an Evernote Add-in for their Browser, Edge. In Outlook Help, they "say" that you can use an Add-in in Outlook 2010 and 2016 - but they appear to be talking about the Evernote Clipper that was included in the older versions of Evernote - because the instructions tell you to authorize the clipper listed in the Add-in List. There is no Add-in list that offers a Evernote clipper in the Outlook 2016. After the release of the new Evernote, you are only offered the option to add Evernote for Outlook with the Outlook 365 and later versions. In short, the new Evernote version removes the ability to copy Outlook notes and emails into your Evernote Notebooks - unless you are using the newest version of Outlook. Please go back to the old version Clipper for Outlook!!!!
  4. When the "Send to" command disappeared from my Windows "right mouse button" menu, I elected to remove Evernote from my system and download and install a new copy. After removing the old copy, I went to Evernote.com to download a new copy. The set up file appeared to download correctly. However, when I tried to run it, I got an "NSIS Error" message. Multiple tries got the same result. A screen shot is attached. What is causing this error? I am runnning Windows 10 with all current update.
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