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  1. Just to add some more information on notes that can’t be deletedL I had two duplicate notes in my Inbox that were forwarded from gmail to my Evernote address (As usual, the app logged out, I thought i lost the note I originally sent so i re-sent it and then it re-appeared in my inbox so I had 2 copies). Initially when i tried to delete one of the duplicate copies, the “Delete note” option was grayed out. After i moved one of the copies to another notebook, closed the app and re-opened, i was able to delete the remaining copy.
  2. I’m logged in with “sign in with Apple” on both iPhone and iPad. it’s randomly logging me out, at least once a day (usually more) and I Have to login again. When this happens, all the notes I clipped or sent to app prior to opening it are missing. I just can’t trust it anymore since this is completely random.
  3. Both on IPad and on iPhone, the app automatically logs out from my account at least once every day.
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