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  1. I am out. 😁 I have cancelled my subscription. After six years of premium I am on a free plan now. This is the only way we can press on management to show their ignorance in customer care. They are not interested in keeping loyal paying customers, so good luck. 🤑 I switched to OneNote. Yes, I know it is not the best software, some say big and over-featured but I am able to make notes at last. 😋 It took me a lot of work, the result is very different from EN. Anyway I reviewed many of my notes to find some interesting issues 😏 After two months of doing nothing EN confirme
  2. Well, yes, they are right! I was in the middle of correcting Word document and suddenly screen frozen, greyed out I could do nothing. After a minute or so I realized it is EvN screen grabber. So I copied "ś" and paste it into sentence. This was the first thing I did to finish my document. What was the next one? I closed EvN. EvN gave me no other choice. It was the only way I could switch off keyboard shortcuts. The problem with EvN is more serious, I believe. It is not the problem that they do not understand what they did. It is the problem that they are not able to understand what they d
  3. I agree that lack of multi system support is unacceptable this days. I use five devices: Windows computers, Android phone and iOS tablet My experience include use of Dropbox to sync files among devices. It is not very fast. I wonder how Joplin keeps in such environment. Export functionality of OneNote is comparable to EvN. Besides .mht and .pdf there are Word files. EvN can import OneNote files directly, in OneNote there is a separate application. It should be E on the list. Regarding OneNote I may say that export from EvN and conversion to OneNote is one-time process even I ha
  4. Well, Today I got a letter from support promoting new version 10.3 as "issue solving". I started with checking Release Note and found: The most recent version is 10.3.6 build 2001. Released November 8, 2020. Coming soon Global keyboard shortcuts So this is a confirmation that they are aware of the issue and put it "on hold". We know they had a report on the issue from beta testers something like 10 months ago. And decision makers simply ignored it. As we can see from the post above it influenced German users. I understand that EvN is concentrating on le
  5. @Barabasz & @PinkElephant I am also furious what EV did to us. I use EV every day for many years mostly to gather info from web pages. To continue I had to downgrade to legacy version. You are right they should never ever publish this "something" as new version. Were they pushed by competition? If so it may be a suicide due to ... you know all are pointing for couple of days. Yes there are so many basic errors that it seems most of the staff are so unexperienced programmers? I think the wrong management is the issue. They simply play with us, customers. I have OneNote installed but last us
  6. I am premium user from Poland. With the new version 10 I was withdrawn from services I have paid for. I am not able to write in Polish language any more. This is strange that you want to exclude all Polish customers. Help me, please, to understand your reasons. Regards
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