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  1. I'm a premium user having just signed on with Evernote and have only experienced the new interface (which is horrible), but I'm missing some menus in my Windows version that are shown here. For example, the Tools>Options>Shortcut keys doesn't exist. Under tools (both the program and the web version) I have two choices: Account Info and Preferences. Preferences only lets me choose whether to save data when I log out. I did come up with one work-around. I have a custom template, type some characters into it, then move the cursor just before the final character and paste. I then c
  2. Thanks. I saw that update, but for what I need it for, ON no longer works. Everyone's needs are different and if ON does what you need, I'm happy for you. Regardless, we're all in for some bumpy time over the next few years. I have 365, so, who knows, I may switch back.
  3. I just moved from OneNote to EverNote. I made the move because MS "dumbed down" OneNote along with Sharepoint and other services. Here is a response from MS on one of its boards in March 2019: In my humble opinion, the reason why Microsoft replace the OneNote desktop app with OneNote for Windows 10 is this app has improved performance and reliability, and it's powered by a brand new sync engine (Now also available on web, Mac, iOS, and Android). Which will enhance user's experience on work collaboration a lot. There are a few features that are only available in OneNote for Windo
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