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  1. Evernote Mac user here, updated thinking we'd finally get the Windows features like being able to specify note merge options (like show title, separator line, etc) and remove formatting, etc. Incredibly disappointed, angry even, to see the preferences window and all advanced options gone. They did move a few settings to the actual user interface (like setting default notebook: click notebook, 3 dots, default) but there's so many important options that are now missing, that have not been otherwise implemented in the UI. So many other products at least make preferences/advanced settings button visible when holding down the OPTION key and pressing the menu bar file menu. I can see there is some OPTION key functionality added to the menu bar, but nothing helpful. THE PREFERENCES WINDOW, WITH ALL THE MORE "ADVANCED" TOGGLES AND OPTIONS, NEEDS TO BE RE-ENABLED. PLEASE. I just paid for a year of premium about 1 month ago.
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