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  1. I must confirm - we have the same problem. We cannot edit documents in Word having Evernote. ALT-S - instead of polish letter start up the screenshot procedure. Very annoying. Is there any other possibility to let us edit the shortcuts, like in the old version? Or do we have any other way how to solve the problem? All best, Jarek
  2. Hi! I have the same issue. Shortcut ALT + S normally makes a polish letter "ś" and now i - after the upgrade to 10.2.4 build 1949 - it starts to make a screen shot. And there is now no way to edit the shortcuts. So, as a consequence, use of my beloved Evernote is annoying and much less ergonomic. Please let me know, if there is a way to edit the shortcuts? Or is it shortly planned to be? Best regards for the team.
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