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  1. So hi everyone, and evernote staff. I've been using the evernote for some time, and generally, to be honest, the basic version is enough for me. However, the ability to share more then 2 devices would be interesting for me in this sceneario, and it made me look into your plans. Ok until here, but I actually don't need all the other bonuses that you offer on a premium subscription and it seems to be to expensive to pay the monthly cost just for adding 1 or 2 devices. The suggestion here is that you'd provide additional subscription options, or even 1 time payments (that would also be more interesting for me rather then monthly installments, even if I stopped using it halfway through the year). so something like: - one time payment for lifetime access - pay per feature monthly - pay per feature lifetime You need to make money, and you should do this math, but in my case I'm not willing to put the early option for this simple feature. and still, if I had to do it, I'd rather pay it once and that's it. Not sure how many people share the same ideas with me, but it would be highly interesting Best regards
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