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  1. For my part, I reverted to the "legacy version" for now. When the day comes that the legacy version is no longer supported, I will cancel my EN subscription (sadly, because before EN 10 it was EXACTLY the tool I needed, with all solutions being inferior). I've already tested OneNote... while not as good as the legacy Evernote, it is still way better than Evernote 10, so that's probably where I am going to migrate to when the day comes... Of course, disabling the spell checker is possible there, among many other settings.
  2. I am paying to Evernote every month, and since the new version, using it is nearly impossible because of this bug. Most of my texts are a red underline mess. "Working on a solution" is now more than 2 months old. Evernote, this is a slap in the face to your paying customers. Usually, when your user audience is dwindling, it is a good idea to LISTEN to your paying customers, instead of driving them away by making the product worse 😡😡😡
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