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  1. I have the same problem, as I use both Polish and English for my notes. Also, due to the fact, that the ability to change shortcuts seems to be missing (or is hidden in some remote part of the GUI), I'm unable to easily write some letters unique to Polish alphabet (like "ś", for instance).
  2. Can the new versions of Evernote be a little less America-centric, or at least allow us to tweak the settings? I want to set the beginning of the work week to Monday, not Sunday (I used to have the ability to do it in the old version) and the default work start hour to 8:00 AM. I am unable to write some of my native languages letters, like "ś" (one of the crucial ones, by the way), because the new version does not allow me to change the shortcuts (or at least the function to do so is holed somewhere in the app and I am unable to find it). The new grammar checks allow me to only use the la
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