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  1. Thanks for that. This was going to be my next move but couldn't find out (quickly) where to do it 😳. Will wait and see what happens. Cheers.
  2. Sadly no. As suggested, did a full uninstall, scanned for any odd files left behind using CleanMyMac, rebooted and then re-installed EN. Still not showing in the Share Menu.
  3. Apparently this is supposed to have been fixed in the latest upgrade - EN 10.23.7 - level - Evernote Personal. - Quickly add files to Evernote on your Mac! Right-click and select Evernote from the Share menu to create a new note with your file in it. (If you don't see Evernote in the menu, click More to open System Preferences, make sure it's checked, and drag it to the top of the list.) Evernote does not appear in the drop down to add it. Using MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020) - Big Sur 11.6
  4. Orig Post Well, have been running on my new laptop for a few months now and still no problems, even leaving it running days at at time. I do shut it down periodically anyway as I believe that is a good practice to do. So it strikes me the best way to solve this issue (and it is only my opinion) is to completely (and cleanly) uninstall EN, reboot your laptop, then reinstall from the website. Just relying on updates does not seem to be the way. Am currently running EN version 10.16.7-mac-ddl-public (2732)
  5. I said I would post an update if I ran into any problems - well, I haven't, but I thought I'd let you all know that anyway. I've been running this now since 4th Feb and its now 2nd March - Still running Ok. I am still running on Mojave 10.14.6 - don't know if that makes any difference. I am getting a new Laptop in a few weeks time which will run on Big Sur - will be interesting to see if I start to get problems again. Till then, fingers crossed.
  6. So, I completely uninstalled EN (incl Legacy) using CleanMyMac X, ran a 'smart scan' with CleanMyMac X to make sure there were not any left over niggly files. Re-Booted my Laptop, then re-download EN from the website. Fingers crossed, it seems to be running Ok now - have been running it for 4 days with no hic-ups. All notes displaying correctly and quickly. The only problem now is that I cannot right click to save files to EN as I got rid of Legacy, but I email the files to myself and that seems to be just as efficient anyway, but this feature is not available in Basic (and a separate issue to this thread). I will repost an update if I run into any further problems, but for now, seems Ok.
  7. If you look at my post from last Thursday - It was on 10.6.9 - Issue still remains.
  8. Still no good - I'm using iMac Pro Retina MacOS Mojave v 10.14.6. Have upgraded EN to 10.6.9. Constantly getting blank notes. It does seem to repopulate the note when I quit the app, or failing that I reboot my laptop completely. BUT only for a short period of time. I am a premium user but object to paying for something that constantly needs to be rebooted. Have reverted to using EN Legacy, which works fine, but that is not what my subscription is for - Am having to seriously reconsider re-subscribing when it comes due ..... too much hassle.
  9. Thanks PinkElephant - have tried that & seems to work Ok. The other way I've decided, which seems just as easy, is to right click, then choose 'Share', then email it to my evernote email address. Is a Tad quicker and just as effective. Looks like this way is only good for premium members though, not basic.
  10. I use the services option on my iMac Pro Retina (version 10.14.6) to add individual files to Evernote (by right clicking on the file) - however, since the latest upgrade this option doesn't appear in the dropdown anymore. What am I doing wrong ?
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