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  1. Still no solution? this function has been a key component of making EN useful on a MAC. It's not user friendly any longer. Who are they asking about what people want in updates? Certainly not everyday users. 16,000 notes but I'm not stuck. I'm looking elsewhere already. perhaps they'll fix and I'll stay
  2. Still no solution here. EN is about reducing time spent searching and moving and sharing files. Now it takes longer. With 16,000 notes for a long-time user and advocate, I'm about to unstick myself from EN. I simply can't wait around until another update fixes one thing and screws up another. Sad to say but I'm doing everything I can do be gone by the time my premium account renews.
  3. One of the most simple, and usable, things is dragging a file to an email to send to a client. Doesn't work with version 10.1.7 I have to save the file to my computer and then drag it to the email, then delete the file from my computer or I'm going to fill that up!! Seriously. This can't be all that difficult. It's one of the best features for me as a send lots of email communications. Printing a note - now 2 or 3 steps from what I can tell. I sometimes just want to print a note in PDF to Evernote, gathering various pictures, scans, or screen shots in one document. They made it more difficult. I hope someone is on this fast. Very frustrating.
  4. Oh my goodness! While trying to send some images and notes to a client, I found issues with the "new and improved" version of my favorite app. I'm concerned what else I'm going to find. 1) all of my .tiff image saves are in the notes but not viewable in the notes. I have to save as and then bring them back.....I think. Might have to screen capture and place. Anyone else have such issues? See image below 2) searching for notes is NOT easier 3) moving notes is NOT easier I hope Evernote staff follow these discussion groups. I am a huge advocate but now am not so sure. Who asked me if I wanted all my notes in the cloud alone? A brilliant electronic filing system is mucked up.
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