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  1. I use an Android phone for scanning, so my choice is Adobe Scan. I like it much better than Evernote because of accurate clipping and the ability to scan into one PDF or separate JPGs. For example, I scan all receipts using my phone into JPG and then paste it into Joplin. But another alternative is do it automatically, that is discussed here.
  2. Yes, I've chosen Joplin as the closest alternative to Evernote. You can ask any questions if you need. Or you can use Joplin discussion.
  3. If you by some reasons willing to try some Evernote alternatives this is a list with the best of them. The legend: T.ransition. App has a transition mechanism from Evernote (e.g. *.enex import with metadata). O.S. App works and can sync between all OS (e.g. Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS). H.ost. The app can be used with self-hosted storage for notes in a case if development been stopped or cardinally changed the view of the product. R.ich. App has a rich editor that means you can add pictures, docs, links, change fonts, lists.
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