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  1. Flaky iOS share extension

    …or it just hangs. I'm trying to save the same thing it appeared to save last night (but didn't), and now all I'm getting is the spinning little wheel where the Save button was. Grrrrr!
  2. If anything gets me ditching Evernote and finding an alternative it'll be this: an unreliable share extension in iOS. Does anyone else get this? I go through the motions of sharing content from somewhere within iOS, choose my Notebook, edit my title, press that Save button, then… Nothing. The note never appears in Evernote. Symptom of how I'm feeling increasingly about Evernote these days – it's simply not reliable enough to be the repository for all my ideas & notes. If anyone has any advice as to how to improve the reliability of the share extension from the user's aspect, I'm all ears, but I'm thinking this is probably another for the developers.
  3. safari Safari Web Clipper beta

    I eventually employed the nuclear option and reset Safari entirely (choosing all but "Top Sites" and "Download list" to clear out from the available list). I've been using 1Password more and more these days, so I don't really want Safari to remember any of my login details anyway. It worked - Evernote webclipper functions as normal on the Safari-reset machine now. I don't have to keep logging in, and it doesn't launch the "Get Evernote Webclipper" window every time I launch Safari (although it happened for so long, I keep expecting it to appear, lol). On the machine where I haven't yet reset Safari, this problem still occurs on every launch of Safari.
  4. ios Notes become blank/empty after sync

    I'm having this same problem. Took three important photos (meter readings) yesterday with the iOS app on the iPhone 5 and added some text too. Because of limited connectivity at the time, I don't think they were synced up to the server. I made sure that I favourited them too, just in case. Came to use the information just now. Note says it's still uploading (I can see a thumbnail of one of the photos on the "All notes" screen)......... and then magically everything just disappears. No note content at all, just the title I chose. Grrrrrrrr!!!! :angry: This has happened before, under the same circumstances: take a photo, it doesn't sync immediately, when it does, it just disappears and I get a blank note. Given how important the content of these notes is, this is a MAJOR bug for me. I'm completely dependent on having that information at hand - now I never know whether it's going to be there next time I launch the app! Help! [EN - iOS 6 - iPhone 5]
  5. Ok, when I get the time and the nerve to start deleting stuff from the Safari folder, I'll give this a go. I've repaired permissions and run Onyx and cleared out as many settings as I'm comfortable with losing so far... but it clearly needs more of a nuke to clear this up! Will report back. Cheers G
  6. That's really helpful, thanks. Going through those steps, I can see that the "introShown" is indeed set to "true" I have disabled all extensions (except Evernote Webclipper) and the problem still occurs. What's next? Reset some elements of Safari? G
  7. This has been mentioned in passing in another thread () but it's become a stubborn, pervasive problem, so I'm raising it as a separate topic. Safari web clipper doesn't seem to remember it's been installed. By which I mean, the icon remains in the toolbar, but every time Safari is launched afresh the "install Safari web clipper" Page appears (taking the limelight by becoming the focus tab, too). Every. Single. Time. Safari is launched… I am at the point of developing muscle memory to instantly close the tab every time I wants to use Safari for any purpose at all. It's insane. In practical use the web clipper button never remembers me, asking me to login every time I try and use it and resetting the preferences I chose the previous time. In terms of my setup, I did wonder whether this was something to do with sharing my ~Library/Safari folder via dropbox (which also includes the extensions etc.), but since upgrading both of my machines to Mountain Lion (10.8.2) I have done away with this setup. This folder has been checked for duplicates/conflicted copies, and the extensions all uninstalled and reinstalled again since the upgrade. I had hoped that the next version of the web clipper would address this crippling problem, but I have installed the 5.7 beta and the problem remains. I am running OS X 10.8.2, and Safari 6.0.1. I have a few other extensions running (1Password, AdBlock, Ghostery, Ultimate Status Bar, Shortly & ClickToPlugin). I'm happy to try various fixes/go digging around looking for solutions, but I need some help from the Evernote team who know the ins and outs of how and why the reminder page is triggered to launch. What file is it looking for? Why does the web clipper not remember me between launches? I'm all ears! G
  8. safari Safari Web Clipper beta

    [bump] Still happening - any news? G
  9. safari Safari Web Clipper beta

    Sorry to keep banging on about this, but it's making my life a misery - I launch Safari many many times each day and you can imagine the frustration... @tkaraszewski: Where exactly is the setting stored, that remembers you've already installed the web clipper? I have looked in my ~/Library/Safari/LocalStorage folder, and I have an item in there named "safari-extension_com.evernote.safari.clipper-q79wdw8yh9_0.localstorage" - is this it? If it's any more use to you, I sync my ~/Library/Safari folder between Macs using Dropbox (so that file above is found on more than one machine). I don't clear my history on quitting. I haven't cleaned any caches out in ages. I "Block cookies from 3rd Parties & Advertisers" (and am loathe to change this setting). Is there any more advice you can offer, other than going without the web clipper entirely :¬(
  10. safari Safari Web Clipper beta

    Ha, I spoke too soon. It's back again. How the hell do I get rid of it without uninstalling the web clipper entirely??
  11. safari Safari Web Clipper beta

    I shall reserve final judgment until I've been using it for a few days.... but first impressions suggest this may have been the problem. Enabled evernote.com in Ghostery, relaunched Safari and no pop up window. :¬)
  12. safari Safari Web Clipper beta

    I thought this problem had gone away, but then I realised that was only because I had uninstalled the web clipper entirely! When I re-installed it again today out of necessity, the very next time I launch Safari... BAM - it's back :¬( However, put this way, some bells are ringing. I use the Ghostery app, and I wonder if this is causing Evernote to forget I've got the clipper installed already. I shall disable Ghostery for the website and see what happens... Thanks for consistently getting back to us all. G
  13. safari Safari Web Clipper beta

    Thanks. No, I've only ever had the web clipper that I'm assuming updates through the Safari Extensions pane (yup - I've got the "Update automatically" box checked. When this persistent page kept launching itself, I have uninstalled the Evernote clipper entirely and reinstalled using the link. But still it persists! On both my machines. Both are running: Mac 10.7.4 Safari 5.1.7 Evernote 3.2.0 Something to do with caches? I do sync my ~/Library/Safari folder between Macs, using symbolic links with Dropbox, if that's any help. G
  14. safari Safari Web Clipper beta

    How do I stop the "Get Web Clipper for Safari" page from loading every single time I launch Safari? I've uninstalled the previous clipper and downloaded the new one, but it just keeps coming back as a new tab! On on my machines! It's driving me mad!! (I have Lion's Restore feature deactivated, btw)