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  1. I am also desperate at this point.... I can search and see the note thumbnail but not the note.  It happens on the web version, Mac version (v 10.3.6 build 458376 public
    Editor: v111.0.14414 Service: v1.22.6) and the phone iOS version.  I have tried deleting and reinstalling the Mac and iPhone version... signed on and off a number of times, and left them open overnight to allow for replication.  It is as if now the hard sync button is not available, the apps do not force sync for the content of the note but only the index. The most worrying part is that it also happens on the web version.  I have tried deleting the cache on the browser too but no difference.  I have also tried both chrome and Safari but still the problem persists.  

    If it helps... when searching for notes and the ones that do appear in the thumbnail and the full note... then the Note menu drop down is fully actionable.  For the notes that the thumbnail is available but the note is blank... the Note menu drop down is grayed out.... so the app does not consider it has the note at all... just the index pointer to it.

    This has rendered Evernote useless which has been the center of all my document creation and management.  Is there a link to a past version that does work ? 

    I am willing to work with whomever at Evernote to help troubleshoot the problem.

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