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  1. Just started using EN on my Android phone (as that's the device I use 95% of the time to make/edit text Notes), and I have around 500+ text notes. All of my notes are basic text only, and are mostly very small (less than 5 KB in size). I was previously using an Android App called Simple Notepad, which I have been 100% happy with for many years. Unfortunately this App is no longer being supported (for quite some time actually) & can no longer be found in the Google Play Store. It offered a very similar function set to EN, albeit with less 'Bells & Whistles' than EN. I do not require many of the advanced functions of EN, but after testing MANY other Note-Taking Apps, have only found EN has the core functionality of Simple Notepad that I require, namely; 1. Simple to create NEW notes. 2. Simple to EDIT existing notes. 3. FAST Editing, no matter how large the note. (shouldn't be a problem, as I only use simple text notes, no embedded audio/video/web-pages etc.) 4. A DARK Mode. 5. Ability to password protect individual notes (or the whole App) 6. Ability to backup notes to local device (password protected) AND to Cloud (pref. via Dropbox) 7. Ability to search notes for specific text (BOTH note Titles AND note CONTENTS) If the above criteria can be met, I am willing to PAY (either one-off payment as in Simple Notepad or subscription if a reasonable cost) So far ONLY EN comes even close to the above criteria (even though it is now ridiculously expensive!). So I spent half a day MANUALLY copying & pasting my notes into EN (EN does not seem to be able to import my library of existing notes, even though they are all just .txt files) and then upgraded my subscription (full year upfront - not cheap!). Everything seemed to be working fine, until I got to my largest note (176 KB). If I try to open this note, it takes a good 30 seconds+ which is quite frankly, ridiculous. Simple Notepad opens this note in under 2 seconds. I could possibly live with sluggish opening times (as most of my other notes are much smaller & load within 5 seconds) but it all went to pot once I tried to actually EDIT the note. Upon entering the edit mode, the App freezes up and can take anywhere between 45 seconds and 2 MINUTES before I am able to type any new text. Even while typing, the EN App runs like treacle. It can take several minutes just to type a few words! Also, my phone keeps showing a pop-up message saying the EN App has stopped responding, asking if I want to Kill it or Wait? I have to click on Wait otherwise my changes are lost. This is Simply UNACCEPTABLE! I have tried the usual steps of clearing EN cache/temp files, Uninstalling & re-installing. Rebooting phone. I even did a complete HARD RESET of my phone (OnePlus 5) & started again with the same results, and yes my phone was fully OS Updated - Android V9 - OxygenOS V9.0.11, EN Version = 8.13.3. As it happens, I was due for a phone upgrade, so I changed to a OnePlus 8 Pro running Android 10 - OxygenOS V10.5.12.IN11BA, Installed EN V8.13.3 and the issue is STILL THERE!!! So, I don't think it's a specific phone or OS issue. Looking at the EN Forums under Android App, I have found numerous entries about this exact same issue. It seems that this is a common complaint against EN - especially in it's most recent versions. Some people have even resorted to going back to an earlier version of EN which seems to fix the issues! The only other thing I don't like about EV, is that when you open a note, it takes you to the TOP of the note, rather than the BOTTOM of the note (as it does in Simple Notepad). This is very counter intuitive, as when you open a note to ADD more text to it, you would normally add text to the END of the note! It can take AGES to scroll down to the bottom of a long note & there is no icon you can click on to take you directly to the END of a note. You need to fix this, or at the very least, have an option in the EN settings to change this behaviour (or program in buttons that send you to the TOP or END of a note!) If these issues are not resolved, I will have to cancel my EV subscription & look for an alternative note taking App!
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