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  1. But now it's gone again. Can we please please please have this back?
  2. I just upgraded yesterday, and today, within two hours of work, Evernote has already crashed three times. It seems to happen when I select multiple notes, but it is hard to be sure as Evernote just suddenly closes without an error message. The "send error report" dialog pops up when I restart. I did not have this issue before the upgrade. I'm on Windows 10.
  3. Thanks for the tip, I certainly try out Phase Express. By the way, !tomorrow is already recognized by EN.
  4. I love the option of adding a reminder to an e-mailed note by adding "!yyyy/mm/dd" to the e-mail subject. However, I find that typing the whole date is often somwhat awkward, especially because most of my reminders are in the relatively near future such that the year is not that relevant. How about allowing to type !mm/dd instead of !yyyy/mm/dd, where the date is always interpreted as being as soon as possible? Then, you would only have to specify the year if the date is more than one year away, and this would save typing half of the characters. At present, doing this just adds an undated reminder.
  5. I was really happy with InsanelyADHD's solution, but just today I noticed that it stopped working. I was using "Notebook:ToDo reminderDoneTime:00011231 reminderOrder:00011231" to find completed reminders, but now it returns way too many results, including many incomplete reminders. Interestingly, in the web interface it still seems to work correctly. I have reported the inconsistency of reminder search results long ago and repeatedly, both here on the forum and in support tickets, but to no avail.
  6. Since the latest update ( I noticed that the time that EN needs to generate the title from the first line of the note seems to have increased. The consequence is that if I create a new note, write a first line, and then proceed to tag the note, there is no title yet (the tag dialog says "Assign tags to note: "" "), and tags I add to the note are not saved when I click OK in the tag dialog. Also, you can't add reminders until the note has a title. I use single notes as todo-items so this happens a lot and it is quite annoying. I had noticed the same problem a long while ago until at tsome version it dissapeared, and now it seems to have reappeared.
  7. I've updated to 5.8.1 this morning and it has crashed multiple times, mostly when I try to drag multiple notes from one notebook to the other. Doesn't always happen though. When it does, the window just suddenly dissapears, but changes are saved. I'm on Win 7 pro.
  8. So I've just updated to version, and this issue has still not been resolved. It is now been more than a year since my first post. May I kindly suggest that the developers spend some time solving known bugs before inventing new features like Context and Work Chat?
  9. ... but I do find the Context popup utterly annoying, even more so because it seems to be the only way to access Context. Or do I overlook something? It would be much nicer to let me switch off the popup, and let me click somewhere to quickly check the Context on a note.
  10. I actually like the idea of Context, as long it's sufficiently customizable to include sources that are relevant to me and my work. Currently, it's rather limited in that regard. Soe academic sources would be nice. Another customization option that I would like is letting me choose the notebooks that are used to fish for relevant notes. For instance, I use Evernote also as a task manager, and I might want to exclude all the notes in my "Done" notebook.
  11. That did the trick, thanks! I guess I didn't realize that "clipping" not only refers to the web clipper....
  12. It seems that if I hit Ctrl+At+V, the contents of my clipboard are pasted into a new note, but this note goes into the notebook that I have currently open. I would prefer to have the new note go into my default notebook (my "inbox"), so that I can later decide what to do with it. Is there a way to do this?
  13. +1! Preferably, respecting the CTRL-scroll and CTRL+/- Windows conventions.
  14. +1 on this... I use Evernote on multiple devices but I don't need to be notified of due reminders on every device separately, so having the option to switch off notifications on a per-device basis would be great.
  15. I have reported this problem long ago (link), and also submitted a support query (as a premium user). The responses have been friendly but have so far given no indication that Evernote are working on it, or are even planning to do so. I find this very annoying, if only because the fact that search features are unreliable greatly worries me in a tool like Evernote. Apparently, Evernote are not worried....
  16. That works, but it almost defeats the purpose of having undated reminders... I could check them off in the reminders list, but then still have to go to the actual note and move it. Probably search for it too, first.
  17. Well thanks for the "No", Jefito . But maybe I wasn't clear enough. I don't need to know the date that an item was finished as you seem to be suggesting, but simply some indication that the item was finished at all. When you mark a reminder without date as done, the icon simply changes back to the "no reminder state", and it is up to you to remember that you already did this. This is strangely inconsistent with dated reminders (where the date gets crossed out to show you that it's done), and sure goes against the "remember everything" Evernote motto. I use reminders without dates for tasks that have no specific due date but that I still want to be reminded of (indeed, to get them into the reminders list). Of course I could assign them them a made-up due date, but then again I would have to rely on my own memory to distinguish fake from real due dates. So please, Evernote, could you invent an icon that represents "done" for non-dated reminders?
  18. *kick!* I'm surprised that I got no responses to this... am I really the only one bothered by not knowing whether a note was marked as "done" or never got a reminder in the first place? Or am I missing something?
  19. I was told by tech support to install pre-release version 5.4.3895 (after uninstalling my current version), and that actually solved it!
  20. Meanwhile I got a response from tech support, saying that they can replicate the issue, so that's something. They seem to be taking it seriously.
  21. Maybe I wasn't clear, but it seems to me that it is my PC that is not picking up some of the changes (specifically: completion of reminders) while my Android device and the web client sync nicely. Anyway, I submitted a support ticket; let's see what comes out.
  22. I noticed that reminders do not always sync correctly between devices. Right now I'm using a windows pc and an Android tablet. When I create a note with a reminder on either device, it appears correctly on the other device, reminder included. When I mark a reminder as "complete" on the pc, the change also appears on the tablet. However, when I mark a reminder as complete on the tablet and sync, the change does not appear on the pc. Replace "tablet" by "web interface", and the story's exactly the same, so the problem seems to be with syncing to my pc. BUT: when I set the reminder back to incomplete on the tablet, that change is synced with the PC! So the problem seems to be specifically with syncing completion of reminders to my windows pc. Any thoughts or advice, anybody? By the way, maybe this issue is related to the reminder search issue that I and others reported months ago, and which is still unresolved, while Evernote were busy building new features rather than fixing old features ?
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