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  1. Once again after the latest update I cannot search or edit within encrypted text. This has worked for years because I use the feature every day. It has been broken now for several months. You fixed it temporarily a few weeks ago and now it is back. This is extremely frustrating that you would break an existing critical feature but not have any interest in fixing it. I don't understand the logic. Please fix as soon as possible. Thanks.
  2. Can you PLEASE fix the broken search function inside a note with encrypted text? This has been broken now since the last two updates and it is very frustrating. At least let me know the status of the fix.
  3. I have received an email from their tier 2 support/developer department several weeks ago that it was a know issue and "they were working on it." However, there have been two app updates since then and nothing has changed. I don't understand why they won't fix the problem. It is a major inconvenience for me because I use this feature almost every day. I wish I knew how to get them to give this more attention, it's very, very frustrating!
  4. Update: With the new Mac Evernote today, encrypted text is now not searchable on the Mac. It worked before today. Same symptom, you enter the passphrase to unlock the text in the note and then all of the text is in a grey box and none of it is searchable.
  5. I am having this same problem. "Find in Note" does not find any search strings entered within encrypted text on my iPhone or iPad (both running iOS 14.1) since the last Evernote update. Also, when you enter the passphrase to display the encrypted text on iOS 14.1 it is all inside a grey box and shrunk to a very small font. It works fine on the Mac.
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