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  1. I 100% agree. Bring it back! Evernote is getting useless in my view with their "improvements."
  2. Please explain how one does these things. Precisely how does one go backwards to Evernote 6.25 if that brings back the ability to send emails from Windows 10 Outlook to Evernote? Not all of us are familiar how to do these things. It does seem that Evernote has made significant and important negative changes without informing users. This is always not a good thing. Thank you to all the users for helping the rest of us with this issue. It certainly speaks very poorly of Evernote support.
  3. Amazing no response from Evernote! This is horrible. They are just ignoring it for a paid product? I now forward the emails to my Evernote email address instead to get them into Evernote but other approach is a bit easier and cleaner.
  4. I am having same problem it seems. Before I could copy email from Outlook 365 on PC to Evernote by clinking on icon in Outlook tool bar. I just upgraded to new version of Evernote on PC and Evernote icon is now gone and I can't see to get it back. Checked Add-ins and it is Evernote is not on Add-in list. Evernote please help.
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