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  1. I would have never thought of changing but we are loving Notion!! The database functions are out of this world
  2. @PinkElephant Sorry if my comments made you feel threatened. Try in the future not to take things so personal. Why you felt you had to be snarky I don't know but do us a favor and stay away from customer service and continue to stick to trolling - at least you are mildly good at that.
  3. @Empy Yes this was idiotic. I switched to Notion and love it, it's a much better solution than Evernote... Way way better. Trust me. notion.so
  4. So in the latest version I can't add a word to the dictionary any more, am I missing something? Every single note now has red underlines in it now. I hate it, please tell me there is a fix.. Thanks!
  5. Yes where did this go? I can no longer add a word to the dictionary!
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