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  1. There are so many issues, tech support emails go unanswered and I don’t have time to browse discussion forums for hours. Use EN for personal and business and business is suffering.
  2. I’ve signed in and out multiple times. The only reason I wanted to upgrade to premium was to get better support on the other issues I’m having. Which are many. I’ve spent hours on chat rooms trying to figure things out, called Apple, sent tickets to EN without response. Ive use EN daily for 10 years without issues. Why all this trouble overnight.
  3. I paid for premium in my apple subscriptions and have a purchase receipt but all my devices still say "plus"
  4. I'm having a number of issues I can't resolve so I upgraded to premium thinking that it might fix the bugs. I have a purchase receipt from Apple but I've logged on to Evernote on my phone, on the web, and in the new Mac app and it still says "plus" everywhere.
  5. Hi - I've got. very important note that I have added to every day this year to chronicle 2020. It showed the normal thumbnail but when I clicked on it, all the content went blank. I had a couple other version of that note because there was a sync conflict so fortunately there we 2 others. When I clicked on the second one, all of the content disappeared. I'm worried that this will happen when I open the third on. Now it's making a blank copy of the note every day so there are 10 of the same notes in there and they are all empty.
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