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  1. I have a new problem. The PDF scans are coming in without an extension. So everytime I try to open an attachment I have to select a program to open the PDF. How can we tell ScanSnap to add an extension to these scanned files? Thanks! Rod
  2. I can't even lookup the current version on my phone. My tablet's app was also updated and it's having glitches finding tasks. Windows 10 version working fine.
  3. Like Julia said at the beginning of this thread, this simple problem is typical of how Evernote has a nack for making your users feel stupid! Sorry, but I still don't see how I can filter down to Notebook level during or after a search. Why not just add the damn Notebook list to the Add Filters drop down options? Wouldn't that be logical to have all filters in the same place??? FYI, I'm using your newest Windows 10 version, for which I can't get any tech support other than from other frustrated users on this forum.
  4. Okay, so I have to agree with you. V10 is not ready. It still has a lot of issues to be worked out. How do I go back to the legacy version? Please send instrucitons at your soonest. Thanks
  5. I can live with that until v10's issues are sorted out. This may be a dumb question, but where do I reinstall the legacy version again? All I can find online is the v10 dowload page. Thanks! Rod
  6. Thanks for your quick reply! I'm already hooked on v10! Is it possible to have both the legacy and v10 installed on the same PC? My only problem so far is with ScanSnap. I wonder if there's another way efficient to scan into Evernote (e.g. wireless using tablet, another Windows profile, another PC)
  7. There's a bug in the ScanSnap Home scan transfer to the new Evernote Windows v10. It now imports to a new folder that it names each time matching the random file name issued by ScanSnap Home. How can we set ScanSnap to import to a default Notebook like it worked before?
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