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  1. I would not say that will never happen, but there are lots of programs that were written for Windows 95 etc that still run fine in Windows 10. It's one of the great things about Windows.
  2. Plus if there's a security issue discovered, legacy won't be patched!
  3. Right click on the notebook and select "Style" there's a button to the right of the name of the book that allows a colour to be chosen.
  4. Many of us here aren't Apple aficionados. We think Apple is OK, mostly, but not for us.
  5. I'm assuming that it's some middle manager with a little bit of power (we've all experienced that guy, right?) and he's managed to completely break the main product of the company.. But.. "it's OK because I know better! And the users will come around when they see my genius.." No. Andy! (or whatever your name is, but it's probably Andy) you've just broken the big, cash cow product of the company and alienated a lot of users who are very passionate about the product and are now very vocal about that. And ultimately it doesn't matter what "the suits" do now, your "passionate and newly vocal users" are looking at alternative solutions at competing companies that produce a great product and they don't have an "Andy" working for them. (well hopefully they don't have an Andy)
  6. I made an account with Nimbus today, just evaluating it and it's looking very very positive for me too. II really liked Notion, but I think Nimbus fits my requirements better.
  7. I think the shock is that the pruning has taken EN from an admittedly untidy bush down to a stick with a few twigs on it. I can't believe they thought to offer V10 as a proper update to users knowing how pruned it is and how it would destroy many users workflows. Luckily I only updated my work PC with the new version and after picking my jaw up off the desk at how bad it was I went to the forums to see what went wrong. (a whole other world of frustration trying to get access) I can still just about use EN V10, but I won't be updating my laptop nor my home PC nor phone any time soon. I'm leaving the work PC with V10 as a reminder that I need to find an alternate app and to actually do something about that. On a positive note I'm liking Notion so far, it's very slick and nice to use. I think it will suit my needs nicely, but I'm not rushing into anything.
  8. Yes it's true. Imagine the frustration trying to post in the forums as a registered user only to find you have to be moderated, especially when your user details say "Subscription: PREMIUM"? And you have to wait 12 hours before a moderator notices and your posts get unhidden. It's ok now, I can post just fine. But going forward, just so you know, it's not the way to run forums.
  9. I guess.. It's not the way to handle forums for paying users, but it is what it is.
  10. If I drop back to a basic user in May, I'll still have access to my notes, so that gives me a long time to test drive a few alternatives and see what suits me better. Maybe they will improve this new version and I'll come back to EN with my tail between my legs begging them to take my money for yet another year but I doubt it. It's annoying to have to even look at other solutions but I will be looking. I can imagine the EN competitors are rubbing their hands with glee at the potential new customers. EN have really shot themselves in the foot with this release.
  11. And that's perfectly understandable for users who aren't paying for the product.
  12. Thanks Dave. I guess not having forum access was the icing on the cake for me after the disappointment of the latest update and I wanted to see what went wrong with the forums being the obvious place to look for answers.
  13. As an Evernote user for 11 years and a premium user for several years (including gifting several years of Evernote usage to friends) why would I have to wait over 11 hours (so far) for my first forum post to be approved by moderators? And why as a premium user would I even need moderator approval?
  14. Yeah, this new Evernote is just annoying and not as easy to use. My subscription runs out in May 21 and I was going to give them the benefit of the doubt and make a decision then, but I did try to post something in the forums earlier and my posts "have to be approved by a moderator", Of course they weren't approved even 4 hours later. As a premium user for many years and an Evernote user since 2009 I fail to see why my posts would be moderated and this has annoyed me so much I'm actively looking for an alternative. Update FWIW. It's been over 8 hours and my posts are still awaiting moderation. I'm out of patience with Evernote.
  15. And pray tell me, why a multi year premium user who's used Evernote since 2009 should have to have their posts on the official Evernote forums even wait to be moderated!?
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