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  1. Evernote made 6 copies of one of my notes on October 21 while using desktop version 7.14. First I noticed there were 4 copies, then I shut down the app, checked on my iPhone (which had been running), and saw the duplicates there and did not edit any of them. I then shut down the iPhone app, reopened the desktop app, and as it opened it made 2 more copies. In my experience this is not specific to the new desktop version and is not the result of editing simultaneously on the desktop and the phone.
  2. The new version is extremely slow on my iPhone 6S. You click on a note and it takes 10 seconds to load. It's a very frustrating experience.
  3. Evernote just revealed that it made 6 copies over the last couple days of a very long and extensive note that I have been actively working on. First it was 4 then I shut down the app and reopened and it multiplied to 6. Now I will have to interrupt the urgent work that I have been documenting in that note to spend most of a day to compare them and sort this out. This is on top of the new version for iOS released a few days ago that is unbearably slow. There is no excuse for releasing slow buggy software and corrupting people's data. That shows contempt for your customers. After using Evernote for years and putting up with its quirks I am now considering ditching it and using something else that respects their customers. I don't want a slow, shiny new version of your UI. I want easy to use functionality and rock solid performance and reliability. Fix the bugs that you do have before dumping new serious bugs on your users. That is no way to run a company. Is there a relatively easy way to find the differences in the notes so I can get rid of the duplicates and not lose anything? Is Evernote going to address this bug? Is there a way to stop the notes from multiplying in the mean time?
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