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  1. Same here. I've been a big fan but this is really make reconsider other options. You can always reinstall the older version. That's what I did. I really couldn't handle all the issues with their new version. I don't know how long they will support it so at some point I maybe forced to switch to something else or they actually fix some of these issues. Link to download their Legacy version below. Can I use this version of the app for regular, everyday use? For the near future, you may continue to use this version of Evernote for regular, everyday use. However, we recommend that
  2. It doesn’t happen when you create your own notes. It happens when you try to edit clipped web articles. Ctrl-U works but Ctrl-B and Ctrl-I doesn’t. I use the Evernote Chrome extension to clip articles with the “Simplified article” option. It’s random. It doesn’t always happen. It does happen enough that it is very annoying.
  3. 100% agreed on this. I'm not happy with this removal of the "Sync" button as well. It doesn't always sync. I can't be waiting on Sync wasting time. I'm also having issues with the keyboard shortcuts for the Bold, Italics, etc. It doesn't always work. Have to constantly shutdown the problem and restart it.
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