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  1. Still can't get along with EverNote 10 Why put the add tag section separate to the "Move to Notebook" section? They should be together. Evernote 10 looks pretty but has lost the usability completely. People who use Evernote a great deal often use list view to get a good list that can easily be viewed. The new design in Evernite 10 is set with too little information viewable on a page. Looks nice but *****! I have been forced to use Legacy version of Evernote in the hope the Company sees sense. If Legacy dropped, I will be forced to find something else. So disappointed as loved Evernote as it was.
  2. Totally agreed. I am struggling to use this new version at all. Adding tags is especially poor and not reliable. Just awful!
  3. Get the legacy version. I have for now whilst I look for an alternative. Nimbus looks good. Cannot believe Evernote have destroyed their own product.
  4. 100% agree. I am so so disappointed in this release. Too many changes. Some of us use this tool for work, at home and everything. I cannot use this new release efficiently at all and Nimbus is looking like a better option.
  5. So unhappy with 10.1.7 release for Windows. I have used Evernote for personal and work use for years and it has been superb. I am finding new release for Windows and web unusabe. So many problems.
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