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  1. Also, in PDF Full Screen Preview and Edit and Annotate mode, the ability to move around and zoom in on specific parts of a page (rather than the general zoom in/zoom out function currently available) would be incredibly useful.
  2. Hi, I've noticed that when using the sketch function in a note, the pen tool stops responding after a number of strokes in MacOS Evernote (10.2.4) when using a Wacom Intuos Medium tablet (Driver Version 6.3.40-2) in macOS Catalina 10.15.7 . Saving the sketch by clicking on "Done" saves the drawing as one would expect, and returning to the main body of the note and clicking on "Edit and Sketch" at the top of the sketch allows continued editing of the same sketch until the same problem reoccurs. Thankfully no data is lost - but the continual starting and stopping is rather distracting
  3. This is the exact same issue I have been experiencing on the Mac desktop version (10.1.7). The insertion point jumps to title bar and then a blue message popup appears saying "You have a duplicate note." Very annoying. Not doing any heavy lifting, just typing in a document with text, some images, small sound files and dividers.
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