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  1. My original email account was b********2@san.rr.com. When I try to access that account (which has been closed for more than a year)I get the message that "There is no account" associated with my old email account. However, I was getting evernote access from my new email account: b*******5@san.rr.com up until the evernote update that deleted my notes. I have been using evernote for at least 10 years, likely longer. I have tried entering other email accounts (b********2 [and 5], as well as b*******1@gmail.com without any success. I get some notes but only a few. Certainly not all of them. Please tell me if this is just a lost cause and I will quit hoping to get all my notes back. I hate to think this is possible, but I have tried many times to get the notes back and no luck so far.
  2. I can't access the inbox and just typing the email address and evernote account PW doesn't bring up anything of value, certainly not the evernote application or notes.
  3. I've tried both approaches: legacy and importing .enix file. Neither worked. I was previously enrolled under another email address that I was finally able to change in Evernote to current email address. Could that have something to do with my problem? I would really like to recover my previous notes.
  4. I too lost all my notes when I upgraded to a new edition of Evernote. Any Idea how to get them back? I tried restoring old backup but that didn't even help.
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