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  1. I eventually got a response via their Twitter help. Not before I'd tweeted the head of customer service to see if I could prompt some help. Eventually the twitter help desk got in touch and sorted it at their end. Can't be sure how much my tweet to the Director helped, but I like to think it did.
  2. I renewed my Evernote subscription yesterday but when I open the Mac Desktop client I am told that, "Evernote was unable able to process your App Store transaction. Please re-launch Evernote. If the problem persists, please contact customer support." Re-launching does not work and "Contacting customer support" takes me on to an eternal loop where clicking on 'Contact Us' logs you out. Same issues on iOs platforms. It looks like Evernote are doing their best to prevent you from contacting them under any circumstances. Very shoddy.
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