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  1. The digital keys and passwords and so on are not what I'm worried about the most. Thanks. Good luck to you too.
  2. You don't make sense. You're also claiming that I've said things that I have not. You have a problem in your fundamental assumptions. "argument that everything would be o.k" Lol It's a bit complicated. You can DM me if you still want to know. That's my point. One would think EN must have those. I was surprised recently. I'm doing what I can to secure all the subjects of my notes, but there's just a LOT. There's so many things in there that I might not get to see every important little thing even if I make it my day job for the next few months. I mi
  3. Resorting to only pointing out to the other's misfortunes signals admission of defeat. Your bandaging upvotes are on the way.
  4. There were no 2FA when I first made the account, and it was a new account for my PC so it neither was as apparent or as smooth as on a phone to have 2FA. Email verifications for new locations were the norm, especially for PC. Did you try to think of a point I might have in saying I can't change the password right now other than what you thought? or is your superiority complex too big for you to notice it? "You don't seem to know much about how the internet works...." VPN servers can be blacklisted by Evernote's login server(s) even if they had dedicated and fresh IPs using
  5. Thank you. I appreciate it. I could wait, even though I've been waiting for quite some time, so I hope I don't get blackmailed all of a sudden or find out there were digital keys in my notes that I haven't sorted out (I have a bazillion note).
  6. If anyone knows of a way to see the search terms by myself please tell me
  7. They did not look like me. They logged in from different continents. I don't know how you could do it but here is the ticket number : #3178255 Thanks for the help guys. I just need an admin to look at my search terms now. That's all. Admins, please help!
  8. Thanks for the insight. The worst thing I could do now is change my password. They shouldn't have gotten into the account since they're in different continents.
  9. I haven't made any searches in the notes for years and I haven't made any after the hacking. That's how it's clear which ones are me and which are not. I have a ticket up, but they stopped responding.
  10. I've seen that thread weeks ago. I've been trying to talk to support. I just want to know if it's possible for admins to see more than the last 3 search terms (I fully permit them) in my notes. I could only see that the hackers searched for the terms seed, phrase, and wallet, and I want to know what else did they target that I should be worried about.
  11. Hi My account was accessed from Russia and Indonesia. I tried contacting support. Please, tell me more search terms that were done in my evernote. I can only see 3 terms. Were there any modifications in my notes from those locations? Please, help!
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