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  1. In my opinion, I am definitely not happy with the core functionality even though using latest version. I still struggle with significant lag/hanging at times and this is way too essential for efficient use of the tool. It has driven me nuts a number of times when I am typing critical notes in a meeting, and suddenly Evernote goes walk-about and I have to urgently start up and revert to notepad to miss as little of what is being said as possible. I have even started opening Evernote and notepad simultaneously when in meeting in case I have to take above action. A typical example of th
  2. I feel somewhat overwhelmed with the number of posts on this issue of lagging/hanging since my latest upgrade to 10.7.6 (2321) as it is clearly a big issue and I am not the only person frustrated out of my mind. I have allowed myself to become totally reliant on Evernote for both work and personal use and there is nothing worse than when you are dictating important conversations with a client and the stupid thing decides to hang. And then you have to quickly open Notepad instead to frantically take note of what was said and missed out half of this important conversation. You can't ke
  3. I also agree 100%. I used Evernote for ALL my notes such as current information on new client where there is a ton of info. Right now I want to have a glossary of terms and words in Evernote and appear to be able to do this through a table, but cannot sort the table! Grrrr. For now I will have to try the copy/paste between Excel - but not ideal at all!
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