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  1. @DTLow do you know if there is an "and:" corollary to the "any:" as in search for a note that has "apples" and "oranges" only
  2. Follow up question. @jbenson2I entered the following search on my mac to find webclipper items in the past week. source:web.* creates:week-1 I get 0 results? Do I need to use "or" or a pipe " | " In general, what is the syntax to combine search conditions. I see you used any:
  3. bumping up to top of list again...any hotkeys to show the notes list?
  4. I use the webclipper often and I also use my laptop to save notes with website info in them. Can someone help me craft a saved search that will find any note with a URL So far, I have: source:web.* www But this misses any url from links that do not have www like this one https://aws.amazon.com/?nc2=h_lg Any help or suggestions would be appreciated
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