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  1. Another good tip. 👍 It's a bit like getting back into the old habit of hitting Ctrl+S every few minutes to keep saving a Word document just in case! Will do this from now on too.
  2. Exactly! It's not just about a pretty user interface and fancy features, as nice as these are to have. It is, more than anything, about trust. If you can't rely on an app to keep your notes for you (and maybe you won't even know until you come to look for them at a critical point in the future, that they are missing), what is the point in investing so much time and effort in maintaining them? Having faith in any system has to be fundamental to committing to using it, or sticking with it. I am willing to put up with glitches and oddities with the way the system looks and works as long as it doe
  3. Looks like I may have had the same or similar issue yesterday (Nov 2). Justing chiming in with my +1. Created a new note and worked on it all day, entirely on iPad (iPadOS14 and Evernote 10). When I got home and looked at the note the final third of all my work had gone, cut off in the middle of a sentence (I wouldn't have stopped working on a note mid-flow!). Have opened a support ticket but disappointed to see it may take up to 10 days to get an email response, which others has also said here about a delay in timely assistance from Evernote. In the meantime I'll take the tip about not l
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