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  1. What the hell? I find my way to this forum for the first time, after using Evernote for years, and find that I can only vote up a very small number of items before being informed of a limit! What's the point of that? I'm not making this a routine habit. I had the time right now to review the entire list, but what's the point if I can't indicate my support or preferences?
  2. First, I love the improvements you've made, including dark theme, and the Windows ability to move items in a checklist. What I request is to be able to move items on Android in checklists and bullet lists. Other apps can do this, like Workflowy, MyLifeOrganized, and Microsoft ToDo. You've recently added this at least for checklists on Windows, which is great. Also, being able to Insert tables and print, the same as possible on Windows, can be pretty important. A laptop or desktop computer is not always available. I trust that these may be on the list of things under development, so I look forward to the future of what had been one of my most important and routinely used phone apps.
  3. Two-sided business cards are very common - including ones with a fold, giving four sides. You need an option to at least capture two sides with a scan because there can be essential information on both. Your scan otherwise works very well.
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