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  1. Still having sync issues with 10.1. I noticed that if the app sets in the background and I do not restart the app, I lose data. I have to close the app and restart it, to have no issues. 10.1 is still a nice step towards fixing the issues but it’s not quite there yet. Best wishes Evernote.
  2. I have updated all my apps to Evernote 10.0.4. Yes I'm running Evernote on iOS. And it is as you say, I went to the web version and my notes are in the web version. The app still seems buggy. I wrote an email to support about the bugs that I'm seeing. I will copy that email and put it in this post. I like what I'm seeing. But I do see bugs. Email I sent to support: Thank you for getting back to me. I updated to 10.0.4. The update did seem to make the loss of data problems stop. But there seem to be other issues the with thee app. Notes disappear when I start to do a lot of s
  3. I’m am having the same issues. I losing notes and data. I just updated to to iOS 14.1. And I am using an iPad Pro 4th GEN. I have never had this issue before with Evernote. I am disappointed to say the least. I am convinced that it is an iOS bug. I’m not having this issue on any other platform except iPad Pro. This should not have been released with this meany issues. This is such an important to tool to so meany people. Evernote please fix this
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