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  1. Anybody know a way to get an earlier version of Evernote for the Palm Pre (WebOS Version 1.4.5)? I am currently using the 1.3.8 version of Evernote and it is killing my phone each time I launch it. Is there a way to get an earlier version installed, one that actually worked before this 1.3.8 phone killer? Thanks!
  2. Gavin, I installed the 1.3.8 and since then Evernote doesn't work and my Palm Pre dies. Just be aware you might start seeing this behavior.
  3. I noticed that this post was entered on the 2nd of February. It is now the 23rd and still no fix or update. Does it really take this long to fix this issue? I loved having this on my Palm Pre as I bounced back and forth between my laptop and mobile phone. It was gret. I told friends and family about this app. I was even in the process of going with the premium package but after this, no way! I need something stable that I can use when I can't get access to a computer. Come on Evernote & Dan, 4 weeks isn't enough to resolve this problem? I work for a software company and this kind of customer service would kill our business. Very disappointed!
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