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  1. Yesterday, after the test of sign out and sign in, it took a long time to sign in again (several password requests), after finally sign in it stayed sign in without problems all day long. Today it sign in right away without any issues.
  2. I always sign out, before closing evernote. Yesterday after some time Evernote managed to sign in and after that kept working. This morning failed again, but eventualy sign in after sometime. Tested right now to sign out and sign in, but it keeps failing. "10:43:06 [ERROR ] [10992] [14304] 0% HTTP request failed, code: 429, error: OK 10:43:06 [ERROR ] [10992] [14304] 0% EDAMUserException: errorCode=INVALID_AUTH parameter="local: authTokenProvider.ensureAuthentication (NoteStoreClient)" 10:43:06 [INFO ] [10992] [14268] Client synchronization finished, status: failed" I'm
  3. Having the same problem right now in Portugal. Can login via web, but with the app I get code: 429, can't have a VPN due to the company policies.
  4. I have the same problem. Can login in evernote web, so user/passord is corret.
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