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  1. Hi all, first post but have been an avid user for the past few years. I struggle using evernote to take notes while reading. I think because of some of it's structural limitations or my own lack of time for thinking about how to best leverage the structures of EN..... So, how do you suggest taking notes with EN in big text books. I am reading B&D's Reframing Organizations for a class. Do you do a big note for each chapter? Many little notes for chapter sections? I have read about some people making table of contents for their notes, etc. Secondly, sometimes I am traveling and don't have a laptop. I have a nexus 7 and phone. Sometimes I use the n7 and use the multi-tasking feature to read using the kindle/nook app and then switch to EN to make a note. BUT, I have found that long notes on EN for Android are cumbersome. They get buggy, don't save, etc... Sooo, if you are in a mobile setting, what do you do? Use the phone as one screen for notes and the tablet for reading or vice versa? It's easy on a laptop because of larger screen and better multi-tasking. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi Evernote. When can we see some icons on your mac and iphone product? Maybe the ability to highlight??
  3. Hi guys, I wish we could password protect out evernote account on our Mac/pc. I share both my macs with my family and even with different user accounts, other administrators can access my evernote notebooks. Anyone know of a way of locking my evernote files from other administrators? If not, how about password protecting local notebooks or accounts on your drives like OneNote does. Thanks!
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