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  1. Evernote and internal hyperlinks: I've discovered some interesting facts (bugs? features?) with the way evernote handles internal hyperlinks (links to a place on the same page). If I clip a page to evernote using the Sharaholic web clipper, not the evernote web clipper, the internal hyperlinks are preserved. Clicking on a link in the evernote takes me to its destination. The link does not work in the web version of evernote. Clicking on the link takes me to a blank page. If I then subsequently edit the page in web-based evernote this behavior is preserved. If I edit the page in desktop evernote the links not longer function. I have not tried this with external hyperlinks - I expect they work as expected in all cases. My experiments were done with the Chrome browser and Windows evernote. The hyperlink behavior within evernote is nice and, as many people have said, cross-linking within evernote notes would be even better. "Back" and "Forward" buttons should probably be added, though.
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