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  1. No, my google account has not been compromised, there are no accesses there. I suspect that first I created the evernote account with a password , this was about 2014 or 2015. In some manner then the account could be accessed with google without using the original pass. I think that this is the password that has been compromised. I've seen that under security resume (on Friday was not working) that the password has not been changed since the original creation. Now I have changed it and I have enabled the two-step factor. I had some passwords there that I have changed and moved to a
  2. Today when I openned evernote I was told to upgrade to premium because I had too many devices. I took a look and I see a new accesss from a very distant location: Evernote Web 30/09/2020 (Mondulkiri, Cambodia) I checked the devices and see an Android device and I revoked it inmmediately. I only use iOS or Mac and here comes my question. My account is linked with Google account and I don't see any access on google but mine. I quickly changed my Google's password so, How can someone access to my account without
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