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  1. Seems like the recent change to make the web client count as a "device" re-opens this conversation. It pushes many basic/free users to need something more, but not as much as the Premium plan. My wife is in that boat. I use EN for work and personal and use it on many devices and many of the features. Happy to pay for Premium at that level. She just has 1 computer and 1 mobile device. Occasional use of the web client is helpful when troubleshooting sync issues, lost note issues, etc. But probably not worth the hike from free to premium for occasional use like that.
  2. I used color coding for tags as well. It really helps to quickly spot the tags that I use often in a sea of many tags :).
  3. Yep, so many company names, industry-specific terms, acronyms, etc. are all showing up with red underlines with no way to "learn" them. Looking forward to this added feature.
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