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  1. I found the new v 10 of Evernote buggy - in particular, the "stacks" (level between Notebook and Note) didn't not work at all. If I selected a stack, then a note, I got an error message (and "try again" never worked). I found I could get to note by selecting a Notebook and then selected a Note from that list, but for me that meant 40 or 50 items to scroll through. The other irritant is that they changed the color selection from a lovely "colored pencils" dialog to only 8 colors in the banner - and they were a different set of colors. I had used color coding to flag certain entries from o
  2. Same problem here. Happens often. All that works is to quit and restart - works best if you wait an hour our so.
  3. I have this problem with Evernote 10/5/7.2171. I just updated, but the problem persists. They are mostly just text, but many notebooks and groups. Many bullet lists. This could be disastrous for me! Please advise. - Jim Hoekema
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