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  1. Excuse in advance my sarcasm but Evernote, do you think you could make the symbols in a new note any smaller please? I can just about still see them. It's good that none of them have any text underneath which might explain what they do. Clearly designed by young people not older ones whose eyesight is not as sharp as an eagle's any more. And its really great that the 'create new note' icon is pushed as far away as possible from the main window, up in the left hand side. Please don't create any 'new note' button somewhere more accessible, like on the right hand side, along the top menu bar or or anywhere like that because then how would I waste half a minute staring at the screen going how the f*&k do I create a not? Clearly designed by people who use Evernote every day and have lost insight into good design for new users. Just trying it again after not using for years. This was my first impression. Sorry.
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