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  1. Hi PinkElephant, Yes I am aware of this but the "learn spelling" option doesn't come up for many words. That's my problem; I can't add words to dictionary.
  2. Hi gazumped, This was actually fixed in one of the previous updates since. I haven't had the issue since. Thanks for your help though
  3. I'm so annoyed that I can't add words to my Evernote dictionary on my Mac. There are so many health terms it doesn't recognise Not only do they have the red squiggles underneath, but they're there permanently (I don't even have to option to "learn term") Someone please tell me how to fix this because its actually driving me nutsssss (also I'm not tech savvy at all so if I could get some help I would greatly appreciate it )
  4. When I want to resize an image (png, screenshot etc.) after clicking on the image, the blue outline appears. However, the blue square on the bottom right corner does not appear at the edge of the image, instead it appears far down below the image. It seems normal for the first image I paste into the page, however the more images I add, the further down the blue square appears for resizing How do I trouble shoot this? Its getting pretty annoying.
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