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  1. Hello there, the 'Viewing All Notes Bar' disappears each time I search for a note and when I exit the searched note it takes over 5-20 seconds to reload the 'Viewing All Notes Bar' again. Is it possible to let the 'Viewing All Notes Bar' always be visible, so that it does not need to reload again and again, as soon as I want to search a note (or click on a shortcut-note, etc.). It is so annoying, that the 'Viewing All Notes Bar' always disappears when I click on a note in the left panel (Search- or shortcut-note) ... I know, someone said 'it's by design', but PLEASE
  2. Sure When I click on the notebook icon on the top left corner of the note Favorite-Note (Click 2) it opens the related Notebook but the Favorite-Note gets replaced with another note (Test 3)... So, my question is if it is possible, that the Favorite-Note (Test) still remains open, when I click on the notebook icon on the top left corner of the note Favorite-Note??? (Or the best solution is of course, when the 'Viewing All Notes Bar' is visible he whole time... Please implement this feature again like it was in the Legacy-Version ) Thank you
  3. Thank you for your response! But then in many notebooks the particular favorite-note disappears (and thus the whole function does not make sense anymore)... I please to improve it!
  4. Hello there, I hope this is a bug: When I click on a note in favorites, the whole 'Viewing All Notes Bar' disappears and so the Favorites-Note becomes way too large (especially when working on an iMac 27''). Like I said at the beginning: I hope it's a bug and not really meant to be, because I can't understand how, from an UI point of view, to make such an essential feature like the 'Viewing All Notes Bar' (or the related notebook) disappear and the Favorites-Note at the same time way too large... Please let me know when it will be fixed again!
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